Ah....Spring is in the air and it seems like everyone from celebrities to teens are experimenting with pastel colors in their hair! I recently came across this latest collection of delicate, pastel head pieces that I thought I would share with you.

Think of it as a wreath for the hair—it can be flowered, bridal, vintage-inspired—it can really incorporate anything that inspires you. If you are looking to create the perfect head piece for a photo shoot, fashion show, or special occasion, try drawing inspiration from things all around you.

Nina Sarkissian, freelance hair stylist from San Francisco, California, has been working as a hair stylist and colorist for the past 10 years. Recently she started focusing on seeking out challenging creative projects.

In her newest fantasy-inspired collection "Prim and Pastel," Sarkissian says she drew inspiration from the Spring-Summer season, taking walks on the beach, the sounds of the waves crashing, blooming plants and flowers, soft pastel tones of sand dune flowers and the blues and aquas of the sky. "The most challenging part about creating the hair pieces for this collection was making sure the hair would stay in place and also molding it into the shape I envisioned," says Sarkissian. "We only had four hours to photoshoot the models so you have to work quickly and efficiently."

Sarkissian says if your a newbie at creating head pieces you have to be patient.

"Every piece takes time," she says. "Put all of your creativity and love into each piece, and visualize at all times what you want your final look to be. Be inspired by your own work and be passionate about it!"


   1. In order to recreate these different head pieces, Sarkissian first pre-colored sheets of hair to her desired shades using Joico Vero K-PAK Color Intensity Semi-Permanent Hair Color in blue, magenta, purple and green. To soften the color she used Joico Vero K-Pak Chrome CLR (Clear Gloss).
   2. Then, she placed the sheets of hair on organza fabric to create texture. Some pieces of hair she braided first.
   3. For the next 2-3 days she spent a couple hours each day hair spraying the hair with hair spray. Sarkissian says to create these specific looks she used 5-6 bottles of hairspray.
   4. After creating the texture she wanted, she fixed the hair with Bumble and bumble Sumo Wax and shine spray.
   5. On the day of the photo shoot, she brought in the sheets of precolored/textured hair, detached the hair from the fabric, and then folded and created each hair piece. To create the flatter pieces, she used cardboard to shape and angle the hair.
   6. To prep the models, she simply put each models' hair into a pony tail and then used thin aluminum wire and string to attach each hair piece to the head. She used two hair pieces per model.
   7. Once she attached each sheet of pre-texturized hair to the head she molded the final looks.


Hair: Nina Sarkisyan
Photographer: Olga Lacosta
Make-up: Inna Mathews
Stylist: Tava Barber
Assistant Stylist: Alex Skadivalova
Models: Ashley Jones and Katelyn Coburn@ JE Models
Post Production: Giordano De Luca
Location: Blue Sky, Light Greed studio in San francisco, CA

See her finished looks:

Embellish With a Head Piece

Embellish With a Head Piece

Embellish With a Head PieceEmbellish With a Head Piece

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