Have you noticed something new with your Twitter timeline? A vertical blue line connecting profile pictures made an appearance in users’ timelines late August that allows you to now ‘connect’ a conversation between two or more of the people you like – or follow.

Tracking Twitter Conversations About Your Salon

So, you might be asking – why should I care? Or, how does this translate to my salon’s Twitter? Let me tell you. The intention with this update is to make it easier for your salon followers to jump in to conversations between other followers. Before, fans used to have to ‘tap’ to see more replies to their tweet, rather than just see the conversation thread. Essentially, we can now track grouped conversations, chronologically.

Imagine you have a timely event, or promotion happening that you broadcast via Twitter…you will now be able to see any interactions generated from that promotion in a streamlined fashion. On the flip side, you can see those followers (or friends of followers) that are also joining the conversation about your salon and follow them, too!

To make the new conversation link work for you, here are a few tips:

1. Grow Your Network: The ‘blue line’ can connect followers you didn’t know were connected, creating an expanded network. When you see people outside of your follower network commenting on your salon, be sure to follow them, and even send them a direct tweet.

2. Capitalize On Connections: Joining in the conversation is simpler when you can favorite, retweet or reply to the thread without even leaving your timeline.

3. Track Your Reach: Tracking conversations or reach of a tweet is outlined for you, making it easier to see responses from tweets and the impact your conversations are having in the Twitterverse.

If you have any other tips on how Twitter conversations may help your business, do let us know. Thanks!

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