HOW-TO: Kate Moss' Kickin' Haircut

by Chandler Rollins | April 8, 2014

HOW-TO: Kate Moss' Kickin' Haircut

Style icon Kate Moss turned 40 this year, proof that 40 really is fabulous when you have a kickin’ haircut. Ruth Roche, Artistic Ambassador for Pureology Serious Colour Care, says Moss’ cut is cool and coveted because it has layers that appear to cross.

“At first glance you can’t really figure out how the hair is cut, but the different lengths and layers blend together in an edgy way with lots of fun sexy movement that frames the face,” she explains. “So I created two types of layers that cross to create this look, shorter/darker layers underneath and longer/ lighter layers on top – when they cross, they add depth, dimension and accentuate movement,” she adds.

The cut starts with a Mohawk section, 2” wide from the front of the head to the back of the nape and then two side sections parallel to the hairline at a diagonal going from right/left to the middle of the head just above the hairline by the ear (leaving just a tad of hair). The end result is a Mohawk section and two triangle sections that are slide cut and then crossed to blend. The perimeter is finished at the end to enhance undone ends.

“This cut works on anyone, there’s a push and pull of short and long layers that give it movement and piecey details that are very feminine, soft and frame the face. It’s a cut that has universal appeal and works on various lengths and types of hair,” she adds.   

Check out the how-to video here!

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