Sweets, selfies and your social reputation.

In this day and age, if a brand doesn’t have a social presence…it’s like they don’t exist! Ok, so that maybe that’s a bit dramatic, but without fail in most of the lectures I give on social media, I still am asked the “why” behind the importance of the digital age. I’m here to tell you, it’s not going away – ever. As we move towards the era of “social sharing” it’s so important to know what content – and imagery resonates with your salon clients. Have you ever thought of your social media channels in that context?

We all know it’s not strictly about promoting your salon or products. It’s about feeding your consumers’ digital sweet tooth; a sweet tooth for three concepts with which we can all relate to, right? Candy, selfies, and a social reputation.



As it turns out, for every delicious food gram, adorable selfie, or gorgeous panoramic that we post to social media, we are activating the same pleasure that we get from sex, food, and exercise. Our bodies crave it, and social media posts that share our immediate thoughts and experiences set off this delicious brain candy.



Sharing is an act of personal self-creation. Look at a persons shared experiences and one can see entertainment, emotion, and practical interest that work together to create a social identity for that person. Their sharing decisions work to define their self-concept, their “who am I” in the world of constant content. Want to know what I like and how I define myself? Look at my Instagram. It will show you.


Social Rep.

So yes, we love ourselves. But, for some reason humans are one of the only species that have a funny need to help each other out, even if it means giving something up. We want others to trust us – even merely trusting our fashion advice, news expertise, or recipe choices.  We share things on social media in order to build this trust, and help others to have the best experiences that they can as a direct result of our social sharing.


So What For Your Biz?

Why and how should you share on your social? Connect to your consumers’ in a way that they crave. Create content that invests in the customers’ life, either by building their identity or building their trusted reputation. Once you’ve made this connection and they share your content, followers will associate your brand with every day pleasure. Your content becomes like brain candy, selfies, or social rep – a sweet tooth hard to beat!


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