Staying on top of trends is inspiring and profitable for you, and your guests will appreciate your forward-thinking. Ruth Roche, artistic ambassador for Pureology Serious Color Care, looks to fashion and the web for hairspiration.

Fall 2014 Hair Trends with Ruth Roche"I turn to the Internet and check out tons of fashion sites like and to see the runway looks for designers," Roche says. "Then, I streamline all the looks into trends." Roche pointed out a couple of trends to keep an eye on for Fall 2014.


-1960s influence: Inspired by the past but modernized.
"All the capes and dresses reminiscent of the '60s make me think about adding deep side parts and full crowns to various haircuts," Roche says. "I want a whisper of the era, not a literal translation of the styles, which can look dated and not very cool at all. My challenge will be to keep it fresh for editorial work and realistic for clients."

-Shapes on top of shapes: An A-line shape fitted over an hourglass sheath with puffy sleeves

-Menswear: Simple, tailored, utilitarian

-Mixed media: Elements that wouldn't normally go together but actually work well together; a paradox of style

-Short hair, updated: "I want to incorporate the shapes-over-shapes concept to add interest," Roche says. "Normally hair is one shape, but I may put a shape on top of a shape, like a bubble on top of a graduated bob."

Roche also turns to European and domestic magazines to trendspot in ad campaigns and editorial layouts.

"I'm looking to be inspired by shapes, colors and patterns/textures that could be cool artistically for collections as well as translatable elements that could work for clients," Roche says. "I use this info as inspiration, mix it together and pull various elements to create my own looks and interpretations for collections."

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