FORMULA: Modern Silver


Felix Alejandro Esparza (@hair_by_alejandroesparza), of the Family Hair Care Salon, El Paso, Texas, loves playing and experimenting with colors and hair. "I love new challenges with different textures and techniques," he says, "but the most important thing to me is to see a satisfied client." When we found this "Modern Silver" color design on Instagram, we tracked down Esparza to learn more.


Here he offers the HOW TO on his natural level 6 client: 

 Step 1 : Apply Wella Blondor Lightener blended with 20 volume developer (with with Olaplex) to the roots.
 Step  2: Ble nd down to the tips, upping the volume to 30 volume.
Step 3: Process for 45 minute lifting to a level 10.
Step 4: Tone with 1 oz. of 12/81 and 1 oz Wella color Charm White Lady T18 and 1/2 oz. of Wella Color Charm Cool Violet 050 with 10 volume peroxide.

Step 5: Process for 25 minutes and then rinse.
Step 6: Glaze with 1 oz. of  Wella Color Touch /00 and a dash of Wella Color Touch /68 with 6 volume peroxide.

Step 7: Process for 10 minutes and then rinse from the hair.



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