Tom Carson
Tom Carson

At Yellow Strawberry in Sarasota, Florida, salon owner Richard Weintraub says spring 2015 trends are all about noticeable blondes and redheads to remember. 


“We’re predicting a much warmer spring and summer,” says Weintraub. “Blondes will be more honey-gold, reds will be richer, and brunettes will be warmer and dimensional, using techniques like balayage.”


The real trick is how to interpret the trends for your clients, and Weintraub has an easy answer. Transform the three primary client types into color personalities: whisper, talk and scream. Whisper color is soft and natural, Color that Talks is for mainstream clients and Screaming Color is for clients with an edge. 


Independent hairstylist and colorist, Michelle Gill, from Hunterdon County, New Jersey, writes on the subject of color that whispers, talks or screams on her blog at


Here’s how it plays out in the salon’s “Spring Ahead” collection:


Whisper Color

This natural level 7½ strawberry blonde’s hair was getting too faded and light: more blonde than red.  For her, a double application of Artego Color Shine Mask (a heavily pigmented conditioner) in a Melon shade is all that’s needed.


Hair: Richard Weintraub

Makeup: Laura Halasz




Color that Talks 

To bring out the dimension in level-6 hair, a dark, warm brunette demi is applied all over for richness and depth. Then selected highlights were added randomly throughout. 


Hair: Candy Pena and Emily Konke

Makeup: Amber Beck




Screaming Color

Here, natural level-5 hair was pre-lightened with Blonding Cream and 30-volume developer. Then it was toned with PM Shines Shooting Star mixed with Artego Color Reflex in violet. Finally, a heavy pigment of violet and red Color Reflex was added to just the base to create the richer, warmer color.


Hair: Victoria Romano

Makeup: Amber Beck


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