Amanda Joseph (@thehearsalon) of the Mia Bella Salon, Seattle, Washington, says "I love making people beautiful and hair and makeup is such a great way to do so, but the most special thing about my job is being there to help transform them from the inside out. I love being there to listen to clients with anything they need to share or vent about."

Here she shares the details of how she transformed client Cloe from a multi-toned bad bleach job into a warm brown with platinum blonde balayage:


Step 1: Apply a full balayage throughout the hair with Wella bleach and 40 volume developer. Balayage on top of foil and when each piece was done separate the section with foil to prevent bleeding.

Step 2:  Color remaining hair with Rusk 6NW with 15 volume developer. ("15 volume helps lift where needed and deposit where needed so no fillers were needed.")

Step 3: Process for 25 minutes at room temperature and then shampoo twice. Deep condition for 10 minutes.

(Side note: "Normally I tone the blonde but this hair lifted exactly as planned so no toner was used or needed. If toner is needed I recommend Rusk Icy White for 7 minutes. This takes out any yellow and lifts to a nice platinum. It can be used at the shampoo bowl on wet hair.")



Amanda Joseph