FORMULA: Funky Finish

Ali Boone (@smokedlacehair) of Hair Klaudt, Charlotte, North Carolina, says "My clientele literally popped up over night with the help of Instagram and other social media. I found my passion for hair all over again and love every second of my job. As much as I love doing all types of color, the super bright, funky, edgy colors is what I love the most. I feel I have so much creative freedom with it and it is my art form."

Well, MODERN found her on Instagram as well. This neon transformation really took us by surprise. We asked for details and she shares:



A. Pravana 000 lightening booster 30 volume

B. Redken Flashlift and 20 volume

C. Formula 1: custom mix of about a tube of Pravana neon green/about a inch ribbon of Pravana green 

D. Formula 2: Half tube of Pravana neon yellow/3 dots of Pravana yellow


Step 1: Take out remaining pink with formula A (emulsified well).


Step 2: Process for 15 minutes.


Step 3: Go back in and lift new growth with Formula B (this was capped and processed for 30 minutes.)


Step 4: At the bowl rinse thoroughly. Apply Olaplex no.2 and process for 20 minutes. Shampoo and condition.  Dry completely.


Step 5: Apply formula C on her Mohawk leaving the ends out of every other panel.


Step 6: Melt formula D onto the ends. 


Step 7: Process for 20 minutes and rinse with very cool water, no shampoo or conditioner. Dry completely.


Step 8: Trim with a razor and shave her sides with an Oster Fast Feed clippers with no guard. Style with Kevin Murphy Night Rider and Kenra finishing spray.

Concerning the bat tattoo, Boone adds "She got the bat because they are her favorite animal. She wanted something hard core but still a little girly. Tom (@uglytom) at 510 Expert Tattoo in Noda (Charlotte, NC) tattooed it for her."







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