Rosvelt Ranses (@rosvelt) of La Bella Salon, Miami, Florida, has a beautiful Instagram page filled with amazing transformations and inspirational finishes, particularly in the blonde family. MODERN has featured him before, but the great makeovers just keep coming! This one deserves special attention because it truly typifies what goes on in the salon. "This client had approximately four months of outgrown highlights on her natural level 4n," says Ranses. "The existing blonde was a bit too gold for her skintone and taste."

Ranses shares HOW he added fresh highlights and tweaked her formula to create a perfect icy blonde:

Step 1: Apply high density full highlights, from new growth to line of demarcation, slightly feathering into the existing highlights. Alternate between a fine weave and fine slice. Formula used: Aveda Enlightener with 15 volume developer.

Step 2: Process approximately 45 minutes, lifting to pale yellow. 

Step 3: Rinse and then break the base to soften her natural base no more than one level. "My personal method is shampooing in the formula on to wet hair as quickly as possible, making sure not to let it sit for too long. When I break the base, I never keep my eyes from it and in this case I only left it on for a couple of minutes." Formula used: Aveda 50g 10N, 60g 20 volume, 10g Aveda Shampure Shampoo. Rinse and towel dry.

Step 4: Apply gloss: 40g 10 N, 1g Light V/B; 40g Creme CTA. Process and then rinse.