Araceli Sanchez (@hairby_celi), a licensed hairdresser and barber from Pina's Barbershop and Salon, Long Beach California, got into the industry because "Like most Cosmetologists, I started doing my own hair and started learning from there. I can't wait to keep growing in this beautiful industry because the most rewarding part of it is making people feel good about themselves."

This client walked into the salon with about 6 inches of virgin regrowth with yellow spots. "She asked If I can do her roots," says Sanchez. But both Sanchez and the client realized this was a bigger situation. "We also needed to fix the yellow. I saw her elasticity was pretty strong so I told her okay."

Here Sanchez shares the HOW he touched up her roots and "fixed" the yellow:

Step 1: Apply Pravana Lightener with 40 volume developer and a bond builder on the mid part of the regrowth. Do not use heat. To keep saturated, place a plastic cap over the hair.

Step 2: Process for 2 hours.

Step 3: Mix the lightener with 20 volume developer and apply to the root. Lift to a level 9 (in this case about one hour). Rinse and dry.

Step 4: Apply Pravana Super Light Blonds 90BV and 000 with 30 volume from roots to ends.

Step 5: Process for 45 minutes and then rinse well. Apply step 2 of a bond builder. Shampoo and blow dry.

"Her hair FELT and looked so much better than when she walked in," says Sanchez.