COLOR CORRECTION: Bye Bye Bands, Bye Bye Brass

Melissa Grace Smith (@sweetmelissagrace), a hairstylist at Roots Hair Loft, Jensen Beach, Florida, specializes in color correction and expertly blending dimension for soft, wearable hair color of any shade, natural or vivid.

When we saw this transformation on Instagram, we asked for more information. Here she shares the HOW TO:

Formula A: Wella Freelights and 40 volume

Formula B: Redken Shades Eq 9V

Formula C: Goldwell Colorance 6N and 6A equal parts

Formula D: Goldwell Topchic 7sb and 20 volume

Starting level: 5/6 roots with bands of copper, gold and yellow from bleach/tone/basebreak

Step 1: Begin by preparing your canvas with a dry haircut to ensure placement of balayage accent pieces. Section hair in four quadrants. Starting at bottom of the back two sections, bring down 1" diagonal subsections and paint Formula A saturating ends and feathering up all the way to the top to diffuse previous banding. Separate sections with Embee Meche. Continue up the head until back is done. Use same method  and formula to paint the sides painting all the way to the root in the front hairline to create extra brightness by the face. Process 30-45 minutes until desired lightness is achieved, about the inside of a banana.

Step 2: Shampoo and glaze with Formula B until all unwanted warmth is removed. Condition and towel dry.

Step 3: At chair, apply Formula C to the root of the highlight and drag down to melt colors together, bringing the depth farther down in the back to achieve a lateral ombre as well as a vertical ombre. Rinse and condition.

Step 4: Front hairline still had a bit of unwanted warmth so apply Formula D to areas that still needed lift along with tone until desired color is achieved, about 5-10 minutes. Shampoo, condition and style with Alterna Caviar Moisture products.


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