Gary Yeung (@eclipsesalonsf), master colorist and founder of Eclipse Salon in San Francisco, says he loves helping clients with haircolor transformations.

"When I begin doing a color consultation, I base any change on five factors," Yeung says, and shares:

  1. How the haircolor works with the skin tone.
  2. How frequently the client can come in to maintain their haircolor.
  3. The client's current color and condition of the hair.
  4. The current trends in haircolor and haircutting.
  5. Which shade works best with his or her lifestyle.

"I follow this protocol and always take before and after photos to motivate myself to come up with the best color and cut for each client,” Yeung says. 

This dramatic transformation began a few months before the actual service. “I got a text from Rebeka," Yeung says. "She reached out to me asking for help  with her haircolor. Her hair was dyed previously in a different salon, and she was not happy. She then did self-color-corrections. She finally found me on Instagram and reached out to me for help.”

After a thorough texting consultation, Yeung and Rebeka found the right fit for her transformation. “She requested Olaplex to be in her color during the color process,” Yeung says.

How-to: Going bright blonde

STEP 1:  Shampoo and condition with Schwarzkopf Blonde me 2 scoops mix with 130 oz  40 volume peroxide with 1/2 cap Olaplex Number 1. Process with low heat for 45 minutes. Make sure to protect the hair line with cream. Rinse with cold water thoroughly.

STEP 2: Apply Schwarzkopf BlondeMe 2 scoops mix with 30 volume peroxide with 1/2 Olaplex Number 1 from root to ends and process for 45 minute without heat. Lift to yellow and then rinse with color water.

STEP 3: Blend Schwarzkopf BlondeMe 2 scoops with 20 volume with 1/2 Olaplex Number 1 from 1 inch off root to the ends. Process for 30 minutes without heat lifting to pale yellow. Rinse with cold water thoroughly.

STEP 4: Apply Olaplex Number 2 thoroughly and process without heat for 25 minutes. Lightly shampoo and condition hair. Towel dry.

STEP 5: Mix Joico Vero K-Pak 10N 1oz and TSB 1 oz with Wella Color Perfect 10N 1 oz blended with Joico 5 volume peroxide 3 oz. Apply evenly throughout and process for 20 minutes with low heat. Rinse thoroughly.

“Olaplex helped with this extreme color process," Yeung says. "Her hair looks shinny and amazing after this full-day color process.”


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