Ivan Zoot
Ivan Zoot

Working out is a personal endeavor.  Even if you attend group fitness classes you are there doing the work yourself.  No one can work out for you.  It might be nice if they could.  From many individually wishing to commit to a healthy lifestyle and a routine of regular fitness there is danger in the looming monotony of the same old workout over and over again.

Some fitness enthusiasts thrive on the repetition of the same routine over and over again.  That is why it is called a routine.  I love doing the same thing over and over again.  I accept that this is not the way it is for many.  My wife will pop past the room when I am doing “that same workout routine again” and express exasperation and wonder at how I can bear to experience it once more.  I thrive in the familiar.  I love the feel of mastery of the movements.  I do not do the same program every day… But every time I will do a kickboxing routine I will do the same one.  One of my personal heroes, Billy Blanks has a routine I just love.  I will wear that disc out.  When I do, I will buy another one.  Fortunately I have it saved as a download so I have it in the cloud for safe keeping.  If I can still move when I am 100 years old I will still be doing that program once per week.  I readily accept that I am unique and that this is a bit odd.

For the rest of the planet you all need fresh.  You need different.  You need variety to keep your interest.  We also need variety in our workouts and fitness programming to hit different muscles in different ways so as to keep our progress on track.

Below are three quick tips from me to assist in keeping your routine fresh.

After that is a link to an article on how to keep a workout routine fresh for your mind and fresh for your muscles, too.

My three fresh workout tips are:

1.    Change your workout timing.  There is research to show that working out is better for you at one time of the day versus another.  We don’t really care about the research.  Most of us have a time of day that works for us.  It works for our mind.  It works for our body or it works for our lifestyle and schedule.  Change up the timing for a shot of new to your workout.  You don’t know how it will impact your workout results or your enjoyment until you try it.

2.    Change the route – If your run, walk or ride go a different way.  See different things.  Experience differences from the direction and elevations to the wind in your hair and the scent on the breeze.  If you workout in a gym us the other machine.  It faces a different way and creates a different atmosphere.

3.    Grab a buddy – If you work out alone try working out with a buddy for motivation, companionship and fun.  If you already have a buddy, trade them in.  Not for all your workouts , but perhaps for a few.  It is all about making things new and different.  Your buddy will benefit from this change, too.



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