Tips From Readers on Losing the First 10 Pounds
Matthew Dickstein for Getty Images

The entry box of our April Healthy Hairdresser Challenge is overflowing! We already have hundreds of entries with great ideas for how to “Lose the First 10” on your way to your weight loss goal or improving your health. The direction you’re taking seems to involve more than one strategy. We love that! It’s not only about cutting calories or exercising or drinking water. It’s all of the above and more!

Click here to answer our Challenge questions to add your ideas, and you’ll be eligible to be entered to win one of 100 product gift packs or one of 10 Amazon gift certificates from this month’s Healthy Hairdresser sponsor, Obliphica Professional. Meanwhile, here’s just a small sample of the great methods our healthy hairdressers are sharing.

Gluten-free cookbook, yoga mat and glass water bottle! Make simple wholesome meals for the whole family that are gluten-free and very low in sugar. Start exercising and taking the kids outside regularly. Take classes at the YMCA as well as swimming with the kids in the summer.—Melissa I.

I will try to eat out less on my days off. I actually enjoy cooking and just need to keep more options available in the fridge to cook. I will try to be more active, whether that’s gym time or simply taking walks. I really need a decent blender/juicer for making juices and smoothies.—Andy D.

My plan is twofold. First, ditch the sugar and bread. Lettuce makes a great wrap and ensures that I bring lunch more often than grabbing a burger. Second, carving 15 minutes out of every day to walk. It will be good for body, mind and spirit! Just being able to leave the salon and breathe, and enjoy the spring weather, will help clear my mind while exercising my body. Sugar and wine are my go-to when I’m stressed. I think adding the walking at the same time I’m dropping the sugar will help with decreasing stress levels. Also, a 15-minute walk gives time to think and decompress, away from the cake and wine!Andrea S.

I started three months ago and already have lost 21 pounds! I’ve cut back on my portions and have been hitting the gym five days a week, with one hour a day of cardio. I gained 30 pounds when I started building my client list at the salon. We know how difficult and stressful it is, and how important it is to have patience, but during down time I ate. Now I’m staying away from fast food! Omg it’s hard, but working out in the morning is truly motivational throughout the day—because why work out if you’re going to just eat a burger? I bring my lunches to work and drink a ton of water. Standing all day is very physical, and working out is helping my job in every aspect. More energy, positive attitude and, yes, I look better and just feel better.—Richard B.

I will fry vegetables in water instead of oil. I will meet the points goal on my Misfit fitness watch everyday. I’d like to walk the mile and a half to and from the salon, even when I’m tired from a long day. I need to stay away from Starbucks (next door to salon) chai lattes. I’ll buy a backpack to carry my beauty supplies and work clothes so I can walk to and from work!—Liz W.

As a very busy salon owner and stylist, I have packed on an extra 20 pounds since we opened! I want to set an example for my staff. My steps are: 1) join a gym, 2) join Weight Watchers and 3) work with a trainer. Also, I will block time daily in my schedule for a lunch break—this is the hard part! After I lose 20 pounds (not just 10), I plan on expanding my daily break to include walking and lunch. I will do this outside the salon to avoid having my break taken up with salon owner demands and staff needs. My motivation? Starting a Healthy Hairdresser Challenge inside our salon! Also a FitBit!—Donna H.

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