Makeover: From Blue To Red Red Red

Alyssa Wiener  (@lysseon) of Sylin' Salon, Norwalk, Connecticut, says this makeover has been "quite the journey! A couple months ago Jordan decided she was sick of having blue hair and wanted to go red. I told her it'd be a process, considering it was on the other side of the color wheel. I tend to under promise and over deliver."

Here Wiener shares the details for this impressive transformation:


Step 1: Lighten the root area with Wella Blondor blended with 20 volume and Brazilian Bond Builder.

Step 2: Apply Scruples True Integrity Creme Booster with 30 volume and b3 on the ends. Process together for 30 minutes. Shampoo. ("This made her roots a perfect pale yellow, and her ends fade into a pale mint. Instead of attempting purple, I decided to test out some chemistry.")

Step 3: Apply Scruples True Integrity equal parts 8cc and 8rr with demi to the ends for about 5-8 minutes. Dry the hair. "This left her hair somewhat neutralized and a pretty even palette to do some red.")

Step 4: Apply fashion color

root area: a mixture of Pravana Red and Manic Panic Rock n Roll Red

to mids and lengths:  Pravana Red and Manic Panic Rock n Roll Red with Urban Shock Red and Purple mixed in for a deeper tone to cover the neutralized color.

"I sent Jordan home with the Overtone Go Deep Weekly in Extreme Red to help her color really become just like Ariel"


Step 1: Lighten root area with Wella Blondor with 20 volume, blended with B3. Process for 30 minutes. Shampoo and dry.

Step 2: Mix two formulas using the new Pulp Riot color ("I'm so stoked to be one of the first trying these out!"):

Formula 1: Fireball with a good amount of Velvet mixed in

Formula 2: Fireball straight up

Both mixed with b3 added.

("I typically never measure fashion color, I just mix until I like the way it looks on a paper towel.")

Step 3: Apply formula 1 at the root and blur into shade 2. Make some sections of shade 2 go higher up and some shades lower to create dimension. Process for 30 minutes with heat. Rinse and style.

"It's definitely a process going from one side of the color wheel to the other, but I like a good challenge! And with the help of Overtone, my guests can maintain fashion color for an extended period of time."

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