MAKEOVER: Fashion Fade To Fashion Pop

Sarai Speer-Lee (@Sarai_styles__) of ReHab Hair in Kansas City, Missouri, says she charged $225 for this color change.

“This client comes in every 5 weeks with an inspiration board and says ‘however you want to interpret this, have fun’.  This time I focused on just a few colors from her inspo board (pink and purple) and put my spin on it. We went with brighter color palate than we originally planned on (after we lightened and did the color remover we had some pretty pastel pink and green tones decided to use those to our advantage). One thing I've learned with doing creative colors, is being flexible and going with the flow has produced some of the best colors. Last time we decided on a more muted/smokey color palette but this time we were feeling a brighter, happier palette.”

Speer-Lee points out that while she wasn’t in need of a major overhaul, she was ready for a change. Here she shares the details for this transformation:

Step 1: Apply Redken Flashlift with Trionics Actuator (20 volume) to the roots and process for 25 minutes. Do not rinse. 

Step 2: From mids to ends apply Joico Color Eraser with Trionics 20 volume Enzyme Developer (and Olaplex). Process for an additional 30 minutes (total root processing time 55 mins).  Rinse and apply Olaplex 2 for 15-20 minutes. Rinse and dry. “My canvas was level 8 at the roots and level 10 mid-ends.”

Step 3: Custom create Pulp Riot colors and Zombiesnott colors with Olaplex 2. Alternate melting the formulas below, with a concentration of formulas 3 and 5 in the middle of the hair and formulas 1, 2 and 4 “to anchor the bottom and top to bring a sense of ‘purpose’ to the color design.”

Formula 1 (Root color): Pulp Riot Fireball, Cupid and Olaplex 2

Formula 2: Pulp Riot Velvet and Cupid with Olaplex 2

Formula 3: Zombiesnott (1/4) Violet (3/4) Blood Orchid with Olaplex 2 

Formula 4: Pulp Riot Cupid and Zombiesnott Blood Orchid with Olaplex 2 

Formula 5: Zombiesnott Violet with Olaplex 2  

Step 4: Process at room temperature for 30 minutes. Rinse in cold water followed by Trionics Enzyme Cocktail conditioner for 3 minutes. Rinse in cold water.

Step 5: Prep with Kenra Blow Dry Spray and dry. Style with Kenra Thermal Spray and an Isa Professional Titanium flat iron. 

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