MAKEOVER: Going Fantasy Dimensional Pink

From faded and grown-out to fantastic! This client wanted something fun and fitting her lifestyle. The verdict? Blush and pastel colors!

"Every time I color, I consider what the hair will look like in 6 to 8 weeks," says Ben Hoagland (@benhoagland), a senior stylist at Platinum Salon located in New Tampa, FL. "I think its very important to consider the same thought when doing any sort of fantasy color, especially since blush and pastel colors are still pretty trendy at this time."

Hoagland's client, Kristin, wanted something fun and fitting to her lifestyle, "She’s a music instructor as well as a art teacher at a local shop near the salon. Her hair was previously pre-lightened from the mid lengths to ends, had 4 inches of color and 2 inches of natural re-growth."

Kristin's natural hair level was around a 7 with a lot of warmth. "She’s pretty laid back and told me to do what I felt suited her best. Her hair is very deceiving through a photograph, she has very thick and coarse hair."

Here are the details for this makeover:

Formula A: Redken Flash Lift with 30 volume cream developer

Formula B: Redken Flash Lift with 10 volume cream developer with Olaplex

Formula C: Equal parts Kenra Rapid Toner SV and VP with Kenra 9 volume developer

Formula D: 3 Parts Olaplex No.2 to 1 Part Joico Color Intensity light purple and a 3 inch ribbon of Joico Intensity orchid.

Step 1: Start a heavy balayage (1 1/2" sections)  working from the nape up and around the head, using Formula A in areas of her natural and her previous dark color, and Formula B in previously lightened areas. Use Framar Balayge film to incubate each section. "The balayage application took 1 hour and I allowed 45 minutes to process." Shampoo.

Step 2: Pre-tone with Formula C and process for 5 minutes. "I did this to neutralize any unwanted tone. I was looking to create the  most neutral pale blonde canvas possible before applying any other color to the hair." Shampoo.

Step 3: Apply Formula D from scalp to ends and process for 10 minutes.

Step 4: Gently shampoo and condition the hair.

Step 5: style the hair in alternate directions using 1 1/2" barrel curling iron.

Tips: "When I balayage I prefer a softer bristled brush to allow a even application of product.  Framar color brushes are my go to for any color application."  



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