FORMULA: Vibrant Turquoise-Blue Hair Color

by Victoria Wurdinger | April 26, 2017
Blue-jean-inspired hair by Tressa.
Blue-jean-inspired hair by Tressa.

Tressa's Shannon Tully created this shade inspired by the rich mixtures of the deep and faded blue hues on a beloved pair of well-worn blue jeans.

Natural level 6
Formula 1: 1½ scoops Watercolors Lightener with 3 oz 20-volume developer
Formula 2: 2 oz Tressa Watercolors DD Intense Color Aruba Aqua
Formula 3: 3 oz Violet Blue
Formula 4: ½ oz Tressa Professional Colourage Gel Colour 1N + 1 oz
Watercolors DD Intense Color Violet Blue with 1 oz 5-volume developer

1. Starting at the nape, apply Formula 1 in a virgin application. Stay 1½ inches away from the base. Process a maximum of 55 minutes. Then rinse, shampoo and towel dry.
2. Take a 4-inch section at the nape and apply Formula 2 from base to ends.
3. Now, move up and color the remaining hair in sections. Apply Formula 4 to the 1½-inch base area of each section, and apply Formula 3 from the midshaft to the ends. Complete the entire head in this manner.
4. Process 30 minutes. Rinse with cool water, shampoo and condition.

Color and style: Shannon Tully
Photographer: Gray Armstrong, Armstrong Photography
Makeup: Karen Baladeras

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