This color by Kevin Murphy is "in bloom."
This color by Kevin Murphy is "in bloom."

With pastel now considered a way of life and not a trend, capture femininity and boldness through an evolution to stronger, long-lasting pastel with heavier density, say Kevin Murphy colorists.

Natural depth of a level 6 with a level-8 yellow from mid-lengths to ends
Formula 1: 80 ml Kevin Murphy cream.lightener with 160 ml cream.activator 20 volume (6%)
Formula 2: 80 ml 11.0 + 3 ml 7.46 + 7 ml 8.66 with 135 ml cream.activator 10 volume (3%)
Formula 3: Kevin Murphy Color.Me, 70 ml 11.0 + 7ml 7.46 + 4ml 8.66 + 30 ml clear + 7 ml soft.violet with 165 ml cream.activator 10 volume (3%)

1. Using Formula 1 in a global application, create a level 10/11 that has even depth. Process 50 minutes, shampoo and rinse.
2. Next, section hair in off-centered, non-parallel, oval bands.
3. Start with the outer-perimeter band and apply Formula 2 from the base to ends.
4. Within the next oval band, apply Formula 2 on base but apply Formula 3 to lengths and ends.
5. With each following oval band, apply Formula 2 to the base but alternate Formulas 2 and 3 on lengths and ends.
6. Process 25 minutes, emulsify and rinse.

Color: Kate Reid
Styling: Kevin Murphy
Photographer: Luis Murphy
Makeup: Hristina Georgievski

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