The Fantasy Color Client
Kristin  Grip (@HairByKristinGrip) a hair extension specialist, owner of @TeaseSalonOC in Costa Mesa, CA, has been having fun with this client. "That's Amme! She's the manager of the Tease and my right-hand woman who helps me with running the salon. She’s a color chameleon and super fun to play on." 
So we see!
Grip adds,  "I only do color on the stylists who work for me and some freebie models I get from Craigslist when I want to get some creativity out. I don’t think I've ever actually had a paying color client Its fun though, maybe I should get more into it?" 
Yes, you should.
Here she shares the details for Amme's multiple looks including a color chart to show you all the colors she’s been in the last year:
We did quite a few things to her hair in 1 year:
-Spring of 2016 I took her platinum and then we played with fun colors all summer. She went from Pink to a blue/teal color to a deeper blue by Rusk.
-By October the color had faded into teal and she was ready to go back to a natural look. I knew I wanted a clean slate- I had to get her back blonde. I felt like just trying to cancel out her green would limit what I could do in the future and wouldn’t look as good. I applied Malibu DDL trying to lift the direct dye which shifted it a little but the color was old and super stuck in there. I told her to brace herself for mint and we did a bleach wash with Redken Icing and 20v. It turned into a pretty shade of mint that she rocked for a few days.
-The next week I foiled 1/2” slices of her hair using Olaplex and Redken Icing with various developers depending on how dark the color was. I paid close attention to making sure the dark areas got the higher developers and the light pieces got the lowest so I wouldn’t over process her hair. It turned out really blonde. Now with my clean slate I went through and gave her a reverse ombre. First I like to weave and foil out pieces with conditioner to protect the hair I want to stay blonde. Then I went back in and mixed some freehand painting  with back brushing to deepen the root. I used Redken Shades EQ in 5WB, 5WB+9WB,  and 9WB. I rinsed her out and toned her with Redken Shades 9P and 8N. We added 2 rows of ombre D-lux machine weft extension in 20” length from Your Hair Shop.

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