MAKEOVER: Going For A Vanilla Blonde Melt

"This client wanted a true vanilla blonde color melt," says Holly Nakaoka (@headlesshairdresser) of Amber Rene Salon, Sandy, Utah. "Each place she went, she was less than satisfied with the work that was done on her." Nakaoka worked some magic and ended up with a satisfied client.

Here she shares the details for the makeover:

1-  Wella Color Touch 6/71 with 1.9% developer
2-  Keune Cream bleach with 20 volume developer
3-  Redken Shades EQ 09v+09p equal parts with processing solution.
Step 1: Section in a T-part. Starting at the nape, apply formula 1 to roots about 1 inch down in one inch sections. Babylight the section and separate.
Step 2: Pull formula 1 down about 3 inches on one separated section, and paint regrowth with formula 2, blending any lines. 
Step 3: Repeat, with wavy, zigzag, straight or diagonal partings. (The more random, the better for a seamless melt. randomly pull down formula 1 between 2 and 6 inches, for seamless blend, and paint formula 2 between sections on regrowth, and pull through alternating sections, for more dimensions.)
Step 4: Process for 10 minutes with heat. Remove sections and rinse once processed. The front sections need approximately 15 additional minutes.
Step 5: Rinse and emulsify color on roots to blend colors together. Shampoo with Kevin Murphy Angel wash.
Step 6: Apply formula 3 with a bottle applicator and saturate everywhere, process 5 minutes. 

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