Jaclyn Ceron before and after
Jaclyn Ceron before and after

Back when she was 60 pounds overweight, Jaclyn Ceron bounced from eating unhealthy food to using chemically based diet shakes to lose weight. “The minute you stop eating those shakes full of chemicals, you gain back all the weight,” reports Ceron, who now has an online presence as The Fit Hairdresser.

Ceron got serious about improving her health after the birth of her second child three years ago. During the pregnancy, she’d watched her mother go through chemotherapy, and her son was born with a heart defect followed by some developmental delays. It all added up to a lot of stress for Ceron, so she committed to finding a new way. She began doing the 21-day Fix fitness program, which guided her through workout programs, a calendar and clean eating suggestions.

“I followed women online who had their own issues, and together we became a community,” Ceron recalls. After losing 62 pounds, she gained energy and drive, and her confidence skyrocketed. With her outlook on life changing as she began to believe in herself, Ceron wanted to help other women, so she created her own community as The Fit Hairdresser. She splits her week between working on the online business and doing hair, while also finding time to get acupuncture and massages. She still loves doing hair and is more conscious of products for herself and her clients. Healthy Hairdresser sponsor Biolage R.A.W. is one of the product lines she carries.

“Hairdressers are on the go all the time,” Ceron says. “We eat lunch between clients. Now I portion my food, eat clean and go by the 80/20 rule—eating good food 80% of the time and having that slice of pizza if I want it. From suffering with negative self-talk and low self-esteem, I’ve finally learned to allow myself small indulges. It always comes down to your ‘why.’ My ‘why’ is that I want to be alive for my kids and feel good for them. I feel like I found my calling; I’m living my purpose. We’re not just hairdressers but therapists. I’m able to help other women know that, no matter what they’re going through in life, it all starts with taking care of ourselves. My marriage has improved, because I have energy, I feel good about myself and I’m much more positive. I don’t make excuses anymore.”

As a beauty professional, Ceron is trained to polish the outside, and now she’s hoping to inspire women to feel better on the inside, too.

“People love their hairdresser because their hairdresser makes them feel good,” Ceron explains. “So I do the same thing with my fitness journey. I host monthly online groups where we check in about our workout and share our highs and lows. We take it one little thing at a time, because those things compound into something greater by the end of the month. I’ve created a community of like-minded people who want to change something in their life.”

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