Eyelashes Work Wonders for Clients Who Like the "No Makeup" Look

Marilyn Burr, an esthetician and lash artist, has built a thriving business using NovaLash eyelash extensions.  Working in Southern California, Burr has, uniquely, grown her clientele because her work appeals to women who want to look perfectly natural. In an area that goes for high-drama glam, her clients are asking for born-this-way lash lines and looks that pass muster in a work environment where too-much makeup is a no-no.

“I have many clients who need to look polished and professional, but who are not allowed to wear much makeup at work or they don’t think it looks appropriate for them,” Burr says. “One client is with the Department of Corrections.   She works in a jail and the rules are very strict about what she can or cannot have on her face and on her hands.  But lashes make her feel like she looks rested and ready, each day.” Another client is training to join the fire department and, again, must be low-maintenance but still wants to feel feminine on the job.

Burr also says nurses, who may not be permitted much makeup, make up her client list.  And because it’s an industry town, she has clients who are actors who play nurses on television. “Their character isn’t supposed to be wearing makeup but, of course, they want to look good on camera so they come to me for full, but natural lashes.”

Burr’s high-rated Yelp page helps confirm her expertise but the majority of her client list have come to her through referral.  She also gained recognition when she was named a NovaLash Brand Ambassador in 2015. “We received so much recognition in magazines like MODERN SALON and that definitely got me attention.  When people found out I was a NovaLash artist, they were so excited because the brand has such a great reputation.  I always tell new clients to go to the NovaLash website because it’s informative and very helpful for a first-timer.”

Today, Burr has the luxury of working only a few days a week in a Studio City skin spa while visiting her longtime clients on house calls.  Some are corporate warriors who are time-pressed and others are high-profile women in entertainment who enjoy a lash nap.  This successful career as a lash artist was launched when Burr made the smart move to offer some free lash services to hairdressers.

“Twelve years ago, I rented a room in a salon that had twenty one hairstylists.  I built my business around them by offering them free lashes. They absolutely loved the NovaLash extensions and pretty soon, they started sending me clients. Sometimes you have to give to get back and in my case, it worked out great.”

Ninety-nine percent of her clients book their next fill appointment before they walk out the door. They need to return every three weeks. Some have been returning for years.

“I have one client who is a vice president at Warner Brothers and she has been wearing lashes for 12 years, ever since NovaLash launched.  She only took them off to have Lasik surgery. As soon as she could, she called and wanted them put right back on.”

Other business building tips:

  • Share your lash work on social media.
  • Connect with other NovaLash artists and educators.
  • Your clients are your calling card. Make sure they walk out the door with your business details so they can refer their friends.
  • Should go without saying but carry your business card with you everywhere!
  • On a plane, at the Farmer’s Market or attending a wedding, your own lashes need to be on point.


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