How Do You Hashtag? The Best of 2017 Hashtags in Professional Beauty

 That little crisscross of lines has become a powerful way to introduce subjects, themes, and even social causes.  In the beauty world, the hashtag helps us find each other.

 The use of hashtags on social media has become a way to wave a flag and signal to the digital world what you love and do. An organizing tool, a hashtag curates conversations online, points-out what’s trending and creates community. For hairdressers looking to up their social media profile, hashtags draw attention to specific work (#brunettebalyage) and also say “over here” to media (#modernsalon, #hairdressermagic) so they can be found. It has also become a form of shorthand; without going into too much detail, these hashtags are instantly relatable and connect you to a tribe:  #hairlove, #salonlife, #iworkweekends and #stylistssupportingstylists.

 We love the humble hashtag; we search our own, hourly, and we also use a variety of hashtags to find examples of beautiful salon work. Here are some we look to, every day. How do you hashtag?



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