Personal Style: Presley Poe Creates Poe-try with Haircolor

With her signature close crop, flawless cat eye and always-stellar set of ten pretty pointers, Presley Poe has personal style, for days.  A stylist for seventeen years, Poe is the Head Colorist for Pravanas Color Collective, an elite team of artists. Her Instagram feed features gorgeous haircolor and style finishes, beautifully captured, and at over 73 thousand followers, is a sure-bet for colorists seeking inspiration. “Social media has been an amazing catalyst for my career but I didn’t even have an Instagram until I started working with Pravana,” says Poe. “It has been a great platform to elevate people.”

 Here’s a little bit about a very visible presence in our industry who says that vibrant onstage persona is balanced by a much-more reserved and private side.

 Born and raised: Shawnee, Oklahoma, Oklahoma City and I now live in Portland.

 I would love to make over: Amy Allen from The Dead Files. She is always changing her look and I would love to be the one who did it for her next. I’m such a fan!

 Favorite item in my wardrobe: I have a shirt that is basically one giant ruffle. It’s pale yellow and makes me feel like a fluffy cupcake in the best way.

 My mentors: I have always been a loner in my 15-year search for mentor, until I found the amazing Michelle Chandler, general manager of Pravana.  She took me under her wing and has shown me the way to success, driven with heart and passion. 

 My first tattoo: Let’s just say that I’m currently trying to figure out how to remove it.

 My guilty pleasure: CheezBalls!  

 If I hadn't become a hairdresser: I would have been a mechanic.

 The superpower I would most like to have is: Being omnipresent!

 Every beauty professional should: Every beauty professional should do some personal digging and find their core mission as an artist, then try daily to personify that in their work. 

 Advice for stylist just starting out? Don’t give up! This can be a tough career choice and it’s only going to become more demanding. Take care in finding the balance between work and self-care, and don't pass up an opportunity to further educate yourself!

 Most people would be surprised to learn: That I am actually very shy.  



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