4 Ways to Use Your Flat Iron You Never Thought About

Who doesn’t reach for their flat iron a thousand times a day to create perfectly polished, smooth hair? Flat irons are truly one of a stylist’s most essential tools. Now this workhorse tool becomes even more indispensable thanks to the new HOT Tools Black Gold Ionic Salon Flat Iron. With its unique cylindrical shape, it’s engineered to not only smooth hair, but also create an abundance of textured finishes.

Michele Pritchard (@michelepritchardhair) is a fan. So much so, she volunteered to demonstrate her new favorite tool’s versatility. Here are four of Michele’s favorite flat iron techniques using her new Black Gold iron.

Watch Michele and her HOT Tools Professional Black Gold Salon Flat iron in action!

Technique #1—Glass Hair
The beauty world is buzzing about this uber-sleek and shiny texture, thanks to a certain raven-haired celebrity whose name ends with Kardashian and debuted the look recently. The secret to this glassy finish is to straighten the hair without smooshing away all the volume. To do so, place the iron at the base and lift each section up so the roots get a quick boost, then draw the hair down to create a smooth finish.

Technique #2—Beach Wave
Waves with a flat iron? Totally possible with the HOT Tools Black Gold Ionic 1 ¼-inch Salon Flat Iron. Working section by section, start by heating and smoothing the hair with one pass of the iron. Then, insert the iron at the base, perform one full turn forward with your wrist and firmly and steadily slide the iron down the section. As you reach the end, begin unrolling the hair, forming a loose, beachy wave shape.

Technique #3—Glam Wave
When your client’s hair needs something extra, the 1-inch HOT Tools Black Gold Ionic Flat Iron is your ticket to instant glamour. The key is to create loads of volume, so as you curl, lift each section to 45 degrees. Warm the section with one pass, then return to the base, insert the iron and rotate forward so the length of the strand is coming through the closed plates. With the section lifted, grasp the tip of the section and slowly draw the iron along the strand to the end. The result will be a firmly-formed, bouncy curl.

Technique #4—Motorcycle Wave
Here’s a lived-in wave shape created with the 1-inch HOT Tools Black Gold Ionic Salon Flat Iron. Why Motorcycle Waves? Because you rotate the iron forward and backward as if you’re revving a Harley!  To get the look, insert the iron at the base, rotate your wrist back and lift the section upward. After an inch or two, rotate your wrist forward and draw the section downward to the floor. Continue along the entire length of the section in this manner to create effortless, windswept waves.

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