Makeover: From High Maintenance Bleach and Tone to Lived-In Dimension


Raquel Santos, @raqueltheartist_, is an artist at Agence Salon in Southern California and her Instagram feed is filled with gorgeous updates, marvelous makeovers, amazing saves, and head-turning change-ups.  This client found Santos on Instagram and in her first visit, she went through a dramatic transformation.  

"She reached out to me and told me she was looking to get something a lot more low maintenance and dimensional," Santos explains. "She was previously doing bleach and tones all over and was looking to change it up to a more lived in look."

Timing: "The day of her appointment took about 5 hours or so."


  • "I went in with babylights, using Redken Flashlift 15 volume.
  • "Then between those babylights I did lowlights using Redken Shades EQ with 1/2 oz 5N , 1/2 oz 6NB and 1/2 oz 6WG.
  • "The highs and lows took about 2 hours to apply and about 45 minutes to fully process.
  • "I rinsed her and shadow rooted with 1/2 oz 4N 1/4oz 4NB 1/4oz 6NB.
  • "Processed for 10 minutes and then toned for 10 minutes with 1oz 7N and 3/4 7NB.

"It was a very intimidating process for sure but well worth it!"

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