This cutie is winning at Crazy Hair Day!
This cutie is winning at Crazy Hair Day!

Crazy Hair Day at school is always so much fun! And for hairdressers, it's a chance for your kid to show off their parent's styling skills. Make it a day to remember and create Soda Bottle Hair, it looks "extra" but the steps are super simple. (BONUS: File this one under "Cheap" and "Easy"... parenting win!)

We asked one of our favorite stylists, Amanda Ludwig @thehairwhich, a member of the MODERN SALON Artist Connective, to make us an easy-to-follow step-by-step to demo the look. Check out the how-to here, in this simple-to-follow tutorial.

For more Crazy Hair Day inspiration, check out our gallery of 29 ideas to win Crazy Hair Day at school (not that it's a contest, but you know...) TIP: For the best viewing experience, hit the top left arrows to expand your screen! 


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