Ellen's Hair Color Situation and How It Was Handled
The Ellen Show/YouTube

When stylists explain to their clients that the hair color transformation they saw on Instagram isn’t going to be instantaneous, it helps to share some real life examples. The latest cautionary tale comes from famously low-maintenance Ellen DeGeneres @theellenshow "comedian, talk show host and ice road trucker" who shared her story on her show. Her trademark blonde short haircut became a bit blonder and a bit shorter and she explains why and how in this video. Sounds like there may have been a “shortcut” around the consultation, too.

 “My hair was falling out,” she says, after two bleach-and-tones, back to back. “I literally would touch my hair and it would fall out. I think my hair was so embarrassed it didn’t want anything to do with my head and said, I’m getting out of here.”

Watch Ellen's Glam Squad come to her rescue and then...

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