Ellen's Hair and What Hairstylists Have to Say About It

When we posted a story about Ellen DeGeneres @theellenshow explaining to her studio audience why her hair was a bit shorter and blonder that day, we were so happy to see stylists jump in and talk about it on Facebook.  The discussion was mixed. Some thought Ellen went for laughs and maybe exaggerated the situation, others that it’s important to share these stories so clients understand the colorist is the expert (“We have no idea if this stylist gave her any warning of what may or may not happen to her hair. How many times have we had someone sit in our chair that thinks we are lying and they just want what they want.”-Amanda Jusczak) and many felt tremendous sympathy for the stylist because we have ALL had a bad day at work. ("Oh nooo :( maybe the hairdresser was nervous.”—Toni Danielle Elizondo)

THANK YOU for caring enough to get in there and talk to each other and to us. We think it's important to share these stories because of exactly what happened as a result; you all discussed impossible client expectations and demands, the importance of consultations, and the reality of just feeling nervous and not trusting that you really do know best.   

Here's a little of what you had to say:

 Roshawnda Brooks This is a prime example of a client not knowing what they want. Ellen thought she knew what her stylist did but it turned out way worse. I am a cosmetologist. Have been working for 15 years. Someone screwed her hair up. Fried it off. Not good. The new person did not give her an informed consultation. It isn't always the stylist at fault. The client may not know the process or color needed for the desired look. Ellen made the best of the situation but others might not be so lucky. CONSULTATION!!!!!

 Anna M. Gordon I really feel for the stylist, I was actually very surprised she made that comparison to Ronald McDonald... blonding can be tricky and is different in every situation, you can never be completely sure how hair will respond. It sounds like the communication wasn’t there. The process with the new colorists was very exaggerated too and when she said she still saw orange, oh lord… Prime nightmare situation right here, lol.

MrAlan Napier How could this happen??? Her hair was short to begin with. What took so long?? That hair should have been high yellow in 35-45 mins.

 Angeline Davila Salas Bad day at the office. Geez on Ellen tho?! Sometimes bad work has to be called out. Learn and move on!

Dena Vizcaino My question is where is your regular stylist, what happened for you to need a new one?!

DarcyDasha Isaiah (Dasha) Ellen is a comedian! I’m sure the exaggeration was for laughs. 💗 lighten up a little. If it was a new stylist who knows if they were nervous etc. things happen and they made the best of the situation.

Lauren Scott Anyone else feel awful for the hairstylist? I'm sure they are devastated after this.

Jordyn Stephanie La Mere I hate that they’re even bringing so much light to this. We’re supposed to be supporting each other in an already competitive world, we don’t need to embarrass the stylist anymore 😭

Priscilla Cisneros I love that she still got it fixed by a professional. And honestly we as stylist need to know when we are working out of our comfort zone. And just say NO. Bleach and tones is a science it didn't sound like she got a strand test before the service started. Sometimes we really need to go back to basics

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