Back From the Red: Copper to Cool Blonde Breakdown

 Christina Luck @cjluck_hair of Norther Idaho says this color correction was “definitely a labor of love!”  Well, we loved the final result and we reached out to her for the details.  As Luck would have it, she replied with this wonderful breakdown and all the details. 

  “This is one of my long time clients and I have been coloring her hair copper red with Pulp Riot 7-4 and 6-6 equal parts for about a year,” Luck explains. “Then she decided she was ready to be blonde again, which, as a stylist we all know that internal groan we do when any client with dark or red hair wants to go blonde! She is a local barista who also sees a lot of people every day, so I couldn’t have her hair looking anything but great at all times.” This was done in one, four-hour session.


When her client came in, she had about two-inches of natural level 7 grow out and then a darker red band for about two-inches and then faded copper on her ends. She also had previous blonde underneath that faded to copper in the ends.


  • “I mixed 20 volume half Pulp Riot Clay Lightener and half Pulp Riot Regular Lightener and applied like a balayage up to the root and then remixed with the same lightener and 30 volume on the rest of the hair. I also put those balayaged pieces in foils.
  •  “She went under heat for about 30 minutes and I rinsed the underneath and then put her back under heat for another 15 minutes and then shampooed and rinsed.
  •  “Then at the bowl I did a root shadow with Pulp Riot Faction 8 (7.1 & 7.03 with double 6 volume).
  •  “Allowed that to process for 15 minutes then rinsed and toned with 9n and 9v with a splash of 8v in Redken Shades EQ.”

 The result? “We got this absolutely stunning blonde balayage!” Luck say. “I checked her hair under the dryer every 10 minutes to make sure her porosity was good. She was super happy and so was I. Definitely an amazing transformation and all her coffee patrons were shocked when they saw how beautiful and blonde she was the next day.”

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