Color correction by Christina Luck (@cjluck_hair)
Color correction by Christina Luck (@cjluck_hair)

Christina Luck (@cjluck_hair) of the Cole Taylor Salon, Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, says her client admitted to “cheating” on her with another colorist because “she had an unexpected date and REALLY needed her roots done. Moral of that story was never get your hair done for a man you have never met. Once she told me what happened with her hair and her horrible date, we started talking about how to fix it and get her back to her beautiful blended blonde - and hopefully confident enough to try and go meet a new guy for a much better date.” After swearing to never cheat again, Luck got busy to tackle the foil lines, bleed spots, and brassy pieces.

Here she shares the details for the correction: 

STEP 1:  Isolate the front hairline. Using Wella Blondor and 20 volume, go throughout the hair placing babylights in the hairline. Continue throughout the hair, upping the volume up to 30 volume on the internal sections.

STEP 2: At the front hairline, create a more defined highlight to frame the face, using the Blondor and 20 volume. “I take such baby fine pieces that 30 volume would just be too much on those little hairs around the face.” Process with heat for 20 minutes, removing some of the back and hairline foils early to protect from over processing.

STEP 3: Shampoo the hair with Pulp Riot Barcelona purple shampoo and towel dry.

STEP 4: Tone the hair with equal parts Redken Shades EQ 9v 9t and 9n. Process for 10 minutes. Shampoo and condition the hair.

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