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Senior Manager, Services Field Education

Years with Ulta Beauty: “I just celebrated my 10-year Ulta-versary!

Career journey: I started with Ulta Beauty as a stylist behind the chair in one of our Las Vegas salons. Ulta had 300 locations at the time, which seemed like a lot, even though we’ve quadrupled since.

Great options and flexibility attracted me from the beginning. My husband was in the military and we weren’t sure where his career would take him. Four years later, he was ordered to Korea, and I moved back to Rockford, Illinois, to continue working for Ulta and also getting my feet wet as a technical trainer. That’s when I really fell in love—discovering an unexpected beauty path that transformed my career.

I was able to grow and became part of the corporate services and education team, and was invited three years ago to help identify some of the changes to how we could best manage and support our services business. We just finished launching those changes—including a deeper level of ongoing education tied to technical skill and ability, and a streamlined, inclusive, user-friendly salon services menu.

We are really just at the tip of the iceberg—there is so much room for continued growth at the Salon at Ulta Beauty, so many stylists, skin therapists and arch experts who could join us as we keep expanding. They’ll find talented people who care about each other, a great salon culture and plenty of room to discover their own growth.

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