Moroccanoil's Edgy Elegance: Perfectly Prepped Finishes

by Maggie Mulhern | August 27, 2019
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Moroccanoil Artistic Director Kevin Hughes knows that the best silhouettes come from proper preparation. His years of working at photo sessions and Fashion Week, as well as in salons and on platform, have confirmed that the time a stylist spends on the groundwork pays off when it comes to the finished look.

“Proper prep is vital for a long-lasting and perfect style,” Hughes says.

Hughes begins that prep with proper shampoo selection followed by the appropriate treatment. Both models for this feature benefitted from Moroccanoil’s new Color Depositing Masks, a collection of shades that simultaneously offer temporary color and deep conditioning.

“I love using these,” Hughes says. “They have equal parts color and equal parts treatment. They can be used to refresh color or address tone.” Hughes used Platinum on his blonde model to eliminate unwanted brass, and Cocoa on his brunette model to enrich the color and add shine.

Before setting, Hughes coats the strands with various products including the original Moroccanoil Treatment and heat-styling defense products.

“I always protect the hair with Moroccanoil Perfect Defense heat protectant first. Then I make sure my irons are set below 390˚F,” Hughes says. “This ensures that I am causing as little harm to the hair as possible, as well as not affecting the model’s color. Don’t forget that a heat protectant saves your color as well.”


Hair: Kevin Hughes, Moroccanoil artistic director
Assistant: Kelli-Ann Fahey, Moroccanoil Artistic Team member
Photographer: Roberto Ligresti
Makeup: David Maderich
Fashion stylist: Rod Novoa
Nail artist: Armani Je’ton  

Behind the scenes: Kevin Hughes shows how-to protect hair when styling:

Kevin Hughes demos how-to get the perfect wave:

Shawn Wiley and his barber Johnny Marciano celebrate his new hair growth.


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