Marco Pelusi and his foilayage client pause for a salon selfie.

Marco Pelusi and his foilayage client pause for a salon selfie. 

Los Angeles celebrity color expert, platform artist, educator, and salon owner, Marco Pelusi, lives in the Land of Glamazon Blondes. Pelusi, however, puts hair health first and says his preferred highlighting technique helps him maintain strong, beautiful hair.

“I personally love foil-ayage,” Pelusi shares. “I find much greater control – and the ability to leave the hair in a healthy condition – by doing a balayage effect with foils.” 


  1. Most important is NOT TO OVERLAP ONTO PREVIOUSLY HIGHLIGHTED HAIR when doing balayage.  “My mantra is to maintain the quality of the hair while coloring.  Often, with off-scalp highlighting / balayage, we can create unnecessary hair breakage by not being careful, and by mistakenly overlapping the lightener onto the previously highlighted hair.”
  2.   By applying the lightener a few inches away from the scalp, in each foil, with your desired position/effect, you gain greater control, you can place the lightener exactly where you want it to be and can prevent unnecessary breakage. 
  3. An important tip is to apply the lightener in a “V” shape; no straight lines of any kind. You want the effect to be seamless and effortless.

Pelusi conducts private and group haircolor courses at his West Hollywood Studio.  His next master class on Lowlighting is scheduled for November 10  and on February 23, 2020, he will offer a Highlight Master Class. Email Michelle at for details and to register.


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