Since 2011, Danielle has been sharing her healthy living tips, yoga exercises and recipes on her health blog, The Beauty Blender.  

Since 2011, Danielle has been sharing her healthy living tips, yoga exercises and recipes on her health blog, The Beauty Blender. 

As the mother of an infant, the CEO and founder of her brand, Cuccio Somatology, and a private yoga instructor with a thriving business of celeb and corporate clients in Los Angeles, Danielle Cuccio knows about the importance of searching for calm in the chaos.  Combining her beauty expertise and background (her family owns several successful nail care brands and she is a licensed esthetician) with her passion for yoga, Cuccio developed her line of self-care products that promote inner and outer wellness and beauty. 

 “I realized that my fellow yogis were walking out of classes with a glow that no facial could ever give,” Cuccio says of her inspiration behind the brand. Cuccio Somatology (“soma”—the body—and “tology”—the study of) was an extension of the relaxing experience she was careful to create for her clients. After two years collaborating with top chemists in California, she brought Cuccio Somatology from concept to creation, and launched it in 2016. Immediately, it was obvious that she had struck a chord; people were searching for products that combined care of body and spirit, with care for the planet, and they found it in Danielle’s line. 


We asked this Lady Boss and Spiritual Gangster to give us a little backstory on her approach to balanced beauty and her recommendations for salon-friendly self-care.

MODERN SALON: What inspired you to start Cuccio Somatology?
As a yoga instructor I started having my private yoga clients ask me about the products I was using in our sessions.  I started to make the products and realized I was on to something.  There wasn’t a yoga brand that spoke to yogis.  Secondly, I loved seeing how relaxed my clients were after a session.  I wanted to be able to do that through products and reach more people all over the world.  There is nothing better than finding mini moments for self-care because when we find this time, we can find more energy for everything else in our life.

MS: After this initial product assortment, do you have plans to expand or extend the line?
DC: Absolutely!  We are always growing the brand and adding new products!  We just came out with our NAMASTE DREAM kit.  It’s such a great gifting item that helps with sleep.

MS: What is your favorite way to relax and get centered?
DC: BATHS!  I’m bath obsessed.  I am a new mom of a 6-month old, so it’s harder these days to squeeze in time for self-care.  But I always make an effort to try to take at least one bath a week.  I truly believe in the power of baths.  I’m a better mom, wife, friend and CEO when I get in my time for my baths.

And what are some products that Danielle suggests for a quick midday #salonlife reset?

  • Cooling Spot Therapy with hemp, green tea, peppermint is a re-energizing temple rub for clarity and peace of mind. Made with essential oils and natural ingredients, including hemp which can help with pain relief. Apply a small amount to temples or back of neck to feel the cool sensation and melt stress away in moments. Also great as a pre-bedtime ritual to ensure a good night’s rest! 
  • The Yogahhh Aura Mist is a natural spray and the perfect way to create a peaceful, balanced and calming environment to work or relax in. With lavender and sage, this elixir room spray can be misted into the air or on a moist towel. Bad vibes, be gone!
  • Yogahhh Muscle Fitness Balm helps restore and energize tired, sore muscles with natural arnica and Greek mastiha. It offers cooling relief of pain upon application and helps to improve circulation. 

Since 2011, Danielle has been sharing her healthy living tips, yoga exercises and recipes on her health blog, The Beauty Blender. And to learn more about Cuccio Somatology,

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