Platinum is a Lifestyle
Platinum is a Lifestyle

Jenna Edmunds @jenna711hair is a stylist specializing in balayage, extensions, and lived-in color, in Burbank, CA.  She is an educator for the Salon at Ulta Beauty, where she created this beautiful makeover on her client. And she says the whole process must start with a thorough consultation and setting some realistic expecations.

"The most important part of a color correction is the consultation. My beautiful client needed a change and wanted to be platinum blonde. I’m on board with everyone trying it at least once in your life," Edmunds shares.  But, she also acknowledges that platinum is a committment and a stylist needs to approach with caution. 

"Platinum is a lifestyle and requires a consistent commitment to not only salon visits but at home care. If realistically they cannot commit to that, maybe you adjust the look to a lower maintenance one that can go 8-12 weeks in between appointments versus 4-5 weeks."

As part of her consultation, recommends you proceed as follows:

🚨Hair History

“Is this all natural?” is too vague a question for a client. It doesn’t give you the details you need to properly assess. Instead ask: 

"Tell me everything you have done to your hair in the past year? 3 years? 5years?" 

Then you can ask follow up questions to their answers:

“You colored it 6 months ago--was it done professionally or at home?”

Edmunds says she can then accurately discuss the possibilities and what they can realistically expect.  

" Under promise, over deliver--always!"

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