Elegant Bridal Updo: A Wedding How-To

Alison Alhamed | April 4, 2019 | 12:06 PM
Brides are unique and require personal attention—they solely depend on their hair stylist to transform them from ordinary to extraordinary on their special day. Here, Jennifer MacDougall creates a stunning updo fit for a bride.

When MODERN fave, and L'Oreal Professionnel Artist, Jennifer MacDougall shared this image with us on our Facebook, our followers went wild with love!

Luckily, MacDougall is not only a talented stylist, she's also an educator and was so excited to share the steps to recreate this stunning updo.

Small Bobby pins
U Pins
Crepones (sponge-y pieces)
Hot Rollers
Jewelry accent
Kanekalon Hair (hair filler/extensions)
L'Oreal Professionnel Densite, Infinium 3, Mythic Oil

Step 1: Apply mousse to dry hair and work into the hair with a dryer. Next set the hair with hot rollers.

Step 2: Section the hair from ear to ear and brush smooth, spray with L'Oreal Professionnel Infinium 3 working spray and put hair into a bungee. Repeat to bottom section and sweep the hair to the side.

Step 3: Using the crepone, roll the hair around and forward to the base of the ponytail covering the crepone with hair. Snap or bobby pin the ends of the crepone together. Bobby pin to secure close to the head.

Step 4: Backcomb the bottom ponytail spraying lightly with Infinium 3. Twist the section and smooth and pin.

Step 5: Hair extensions are previously curled with 1-inch iron and brushed. Apply a drop of mythic oil. Smooth around crepones.

Step 6: Put hair filler into hair nets and pin close to the head as padding.

Step 7: Place the crepones as desired.

Step 8: Cover the hair filler with extension wefts by bobby pinning.

Step 9: Spray glitter on a hair net and, after drying, place a curled, brushed out hair weft inside. Using U-pins secure in place.

Step 10: Add jewelry and smooth all hair with tailcomb and Infinium 3.

If you're feeling inspired by MacDougall, stick around for the below video tutorial where she demos another bridal favorite.

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