Dimensional Pink Courtesy Balayage

Maggie Mulhern | May 12, 2015 | 5:35 PM
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Katie Miller (@katvamphair @katdaisym) co-owner of Vamp Salon, Oakley, CA., loves creating beautiful, edgy hair. "I’ve always been artistic and love to paint," says Miller. "Being a hair stylist is my dream career because I get to paint every day and every new client is a blank canvas."

When MODERN saw this transformation we had to know more, including where Miller goes for inspiration: "Music and fashion are what inspire me," says Miller. "I’m a jetsetter in the making, and plan to travel the world. Getting inspiration from new places is what motivates me to always be cutting edge and ahead of the next big trend. I also turn to peers for education and new ideas. It’s a great industry, when we can all support each other to be better at our craft."
This transformation on Sarah came in stages.  "She is a natural level 5 and her hair lifts extremely warm.  We had been transforming her into a bright blonde gradually.  When she came in for this visit she had decided she wanted something a little different. She was done dealing with having her dark roots show after two weeks of outgrowth, so she wanted something that was less maintenance. We decided the shadowed stretched root would be a good option for her.  She also loved the purplish pink look but needed be able to pass it off at work." Miller elected to keep some blonde in the hair, but adding a slight pink tint. "In indoor lighting her hair looks more blonde and conservative, but outside it looks pretty vibrant. This option seemed good for Sarah, because she works the floor at an expensive jewelry store.  Her personal style is fashionable with an alternative edge."
Sarah arrived for her appointment with about two inches of natural regrowth level 5.  The rest of her hair was a combination of previously lightened and highlighted hair at levels 8, 9, and 10.  She had waited longer than usual between appointments, so her previous toner had washed out leaving her hair with yellow and yellow-orange undertones.

Here Miller shares the HOW TO:
Step 1: Using a balayage technique, separate the different colors with TiGi mesh strips.  To the root (feathering into the existing color) apply TIGI 15g 7/0 15g 7/2 4g /55 Mix Master with 20vol developer. 

Step 2: Throughout the rest of the hair alternate 3 different formulas:
Formula A:  15g 7/0 15g 7/2 5g /55 Mix Master with 8.5 Vol Developer.
Formula B: 30g 9/4 10g /55 Mix Master 5g 7/2 with 8.5 Vol Developer.
Formula C: 30g 0/02 3g /55 Mix Master with 5 Vol Developer.

Apply the formulas at random with varying graduation. "I did equal portions of formula A and B.  Formulas B and C were the formulas I pulled through the ends, with the majority of the ends being formula C."
Step 3: Process for 35 minutes.

Step 4: Shampoo with Bed Head Recovery Shampoo then apply Sebastian Ice Blonde Cellophane. Process under the dryer for 15 minutes and then cool for 5. Rinse with cool water and condition with Bed Head Recovery conditioner.

Step 5: After a trim, apply Bed Head Blow Out Balm, Alterna Kendi oil and Anti-Breakage Thermal Protectant spray in damp hair. 


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