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Haircolor has Gone Holographic with the Newest Trend - Hand-Pressed Color!

Lauren Salapatek | September 24, 2015 | 9:43 AM
Hand-Pressed Color
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Hand-Pressed Color example by Marvici while teaching colorists at Platinum Salon in Carson City the importance of having the correct tools and pressing method.
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THE TECHNIQUE: "Did a subtle Hand-Pressed Color by pressing each section three times to create multi-tonal results using Red-Violets and Red-Copper with a deep Violet base using a diagonal pattern," says Marvici.
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THE MODEL: Hand-Pressed Color for the previous technique.
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Marvici demonstrates: "Depending on the number of times the haircolor is pressed depends on how detailed or blurred the outcome will be," she says.
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Marvici does a Hand-Pressed Color demonstration on Periscope.
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Hand-Pressed Color on Caydance, Teen Vogue model.
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Hand-Pressed Color. Application time was only 10 minutes.
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Hand-Pressed Color in one of Marvici's classes using Redken Shades EQ 09P.
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Redken colorist Chiala Marvici has transformed the idea of haircolor into a new art form. Inspired by a painting in her apartment, Marvici has created a new haircolor technique, Hand-Pressed Coloring, that brings the idea of screen printing to the hair and creates unique designs in a variety of colors.

The technique creates multi-tonal and multi-dimensional effects on the hair along with diffused patterns. “It gives you the option to create strong or soft results,” she says.

According to Marvici, she believes this technique has a lot of potential to evolve in the future. “Everything has to evolve at some point and Hand-Pressed Color is a new approach to color application. The application time is less than traditional color applications like foils and Balayage, so it saves time in the salon for both the colorist and the client,” she says.

Marvici adds, that the technique allows the colorist creative color freedom. “I feel people are thirsty for something new and this trend gets the ball rolling. I have already thought of new ways to evolve this trend and will work on that very soon. The results of Hand-Pressed Color give a multi-dimensional holographic effect that is beautifully blended.”

How to Hand-Press Haircolor:

STEP 1: With glass being the main tool for the technique, hand-pressed coloring begins by creating a design of different patterns (circles, diagonals and swirls) and different shades of haircolor on a 6-inch-wide sheet of very hard plexiglass.

STEP 2: Next, place a section of hair flat onto the glass, which directly transfers the design from the plexiglass to the underside of the hair. Using a 6-inch long putty knife, press the hair into the pattern to saturate the top side of the hair as the color seeps through the strands. “Press each section once to imprint a stronger pattern or press it 2-3 times to create a softer more blended, blurred effect.”

STEP 3: To repeat, slide the glass from underneath the section, reapply your pattern of color to the glass, and move onto the next piece of hair.

STEP 4: With processing time only lasting between 30-45 minutes, the technique is a quick and sure-fire way to grab attention this season!

MODERN interviewed Marvici about this innovative coloring technique: 

MODERN SALON: How did you come up with this technique?
CHIALA MARVICI: I came up with the vision first, then worked with a variety of tools to figure out how to effectively achieve the final look. I looked at the process of screen printing and drew some ideas from that. I had to custom make the tools in order to imprint larger areas of the hair. 

MS: Do you have any plans to teach others the technique in the future?
Yes, I want to teach as many colorists as I can. I am currently setting up in-salon hands-on workshops across the country. Colorists Julie Lahr and Zoraida Saray will be educating with me. I am looking to have others join our team in teaching this so we can reach as many colorists as possible. I am also offering personal one-on-ones with colorists who have requested to learn Hand-Pressed Color. Colorists who want to book a workshop or a one-on-one can contact our Education Coordinator, Paul Anthony for information or to book a class: [email protected]

MS: How many clients have you tried this technique on so far?
CM: I have about 20 clients that have had Hand-Pressed Color and I have requests daily for women who want to wear it. I have done the technique over a 100 times as I worked through it. 

MS: How much do you charge?
CM: I am charging $600 here in NYC.

MS: How long does the process take?
CM: Depending on the length of hair and how much hair you are pressing it can take anywhere from 5 - 30 minutes application time. The average processing time is 30-45 minutes. 

MS: Anything you would like to add?
CM: I feel grateful and honored to be a part of such a cool craft, it inspires me every single day. There is nothing more inspiring than sharing new concepts and trends with open-minded hairstylists who are ready to elevate and evolve our industry.  

Check out Marvici in-action with her hand-pressed coloring technique. Be on the lookout this fall as she visits salons across the country to teach the Hand-Pressed Coloring technique to fellow colorists!

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