Maggie Mulhern | November 16, 2015 | 9:52 AM

Douglas J. Sherman (@Jshermansalon) owner of J. Sherman Salon, Atlanta Georgia, is proudly a member of the Unicorn Tribe. "I have been doing hair for over 7 years and absolutely LOVE what I do. In this industry it is IMPOSSIBLE to be bored. There is always something new to learn! Every client I do is a new canvas and always an opportunity to express my creativity whether it be natural tones or intense fashion shades."

For this client, Sherman shares that on her last appointment he balayaged the hair and then applied Pravana green and Scruples Urban Shock green. On this visit Sherman and the client decided to go for a dimensional and vibrant shade he calls "Galaxy".

Step 1: Prepare the canvas. Apply Pravana 000 lightening booster with zero lift developer 1:1.5 ratio on all of the green. Process for 20 minutes. Shampoo and dry

Step 2: Apply Malibu C DDL with 10 volume where the green was still pretty vivid, avoiding the regrowth. Watch as color lifts. Shampoo and dry.

Step 3: Prepare formulas. Formula 1: Joico Intensity Amethyst. Formula 2: Scruples Urban Shock Teal. Formula 3: Joico Clear and a few drops of Scruples Urban Shock Blue.

Step 4: Split the hair into quadrants based off the part. Starting in the back, take diagonal back slices alternating one section with Formula 1 and the next section with Formula 2 and 3. Repeat the same alternating color scheme in the front two sections taking diagonal forward sections. In some sections add either formula 2 or 3 to the ends to accentuate certain pieces.

Step 5: Process according to the manufacturers instructions and then shampoo and conditon the hair.


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