Building to Blonde in Three Sessions with Balayage

Maggie Mulhern | July 2, 2016 | 5:39 PM

Raven Camacho (@soraverly) of Tarver Hill Salon, Austin, Texas, shares details for this makeover:

Clients hair history: 5 years of at home black hair color on her natural level 7. 

Needed: 3 appointments waiting 6 weeks in between each session.

1st appointment:

-Balayage with Pravana Pure Enlightenment and High developer (with a shot of 130 volume) and 1/8 oz of Olaplex. Process for 50 minutes.

-Tone with Wella Illumina equal parts 7/81 and 6/16 w/ 6 volume. Process for 15 minutes.

2nd appointment:

-Balayage with Pravana Pure Enlightenment and High Developer and 1/8 oz Olaplex. Process 45 minutes.

-Tone with Wella Illumina 8/69 w/ 6 volume for 10 minutes.

3rd appointment:

-Balayage with L'Oreal Studio Blonde with 40 developer and 1/8 oz Olaplex. Process for 45 minutes.

-Tone with Wella Color Touch equal parts 8/81 and 10/6 with 6 volume for 10 minutes.

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