Makeover: Challenged To Dimensional Blue

Maggie Mulhern | July 18, 2016 | 5:30 AM

Franco Hernandez (@hairbyfranco) of Franco Hernandez Hair, Seal Beach California, shares the details for this dramatic makeover:

"This salon guest found me on Instagram and was looking for someone to help her recover her intensely challenged hair. She had experience multiple lightning sessions and it had taken a toll on her hair. Her concern was no more lightener. Well after doing a full hair analysis I new I could remove past direct dyes and refresh with a new fun hue."

Here Hernandez shares the HOW-TO:

Step 1: Apply Redken Base Break 000 clear and 20 volume and Brazilian Bond Builder from scalp to ends. "This created an acidic formula to trick the color molecule. Often times we think 'bleach it out' and that will push direct dye deeper into the hair shaft.  Since the hair has had many lightening sessions, it was the perfect choice exposing an ultra blonde result."

Step 2: Perform a Brazilian Bond Builder reconstructing treatment to prep the hair for color. 

Step 3: Once dry apply Pulp Riot hair color in a colormelt method to replenish a new color design:

Zone 1 -  Nightfall and Brazilian Bond Builder

Zone 2 - Mercury and Powder with Brazilian Bond Builder

Zone 3 - Powder alone with Brazilian Bond builder

Process according to the manufacturers instructions. Rinse with color water.

"She was over joyed and couldn't believe not only the transformation but the feel of her hair."

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