FORMULA: Trendy "Gem Roots" using Pravana VIVIDS Crystals

Lauren Salapatek | March 13, 2018 | 8:05 AM
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Dubbed "Gem Roots" by Pravana Collective Artist, Chita Beseau, this look features a waterfall of colors ranging from VIVIDS Purple Tourmaline to PASTELS Mystical Mint to VIVIDS Rose Quartz.

To re-create this style, use Pravana VIVIDS Crystals, unique pigments that make it easy to create a prismatic look.

VIVIDS Crystals comes in six multi-dimensional, on-trend shades inspired by healing crystals. There's no need to custom-mix to accommodate for the differences in levels on one client.

The six colors include:

Aquamarine: Inner-Peace, Self-Expression, Creativity
Garnet: Passion, Energy, Health
Jade: Protection, Fortune, Self-Discovery
Rose Quartz: Love, Happiness, Balance
Sunstone: Power, Strength, Confidence
Purple Tourmaline: Spiritualty, Intuition and Peace


Formula 1: Root: .75 oz VIVIDS Purple Tourmaline + .25 oz VIVIDS Clear
Formula 2: Midshaft Top: .75 oz PASTELS Mystical Mint + .25 oz VIVIDS Rose Quartz
Formula 3: Midshaft Bottom: VIVIDS Rose Quartz

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See how to achieve each of Pravana's VIVIDS Crystal-inspired looks:

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