Manic Panic

6-Hour Total Hair Color Makeover From Black Box Color to Summer Sunshine

Get the details on the formulas and process, the pricing, the maintenance suggestions and how this colorist and his client truly bonded.

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HOW-TO: Bright, Fun "Rainbow Garden" Hair Color by Manic Panic

Bright, fun and versatile color rules at Manic Panic. In this color design, every move displays a stunning rainbow.

Manic Panic Launches Amethyst Ashes Hair Color

Manic Panic continues to celebrate its 40th year by announcing the launch of a limited-edition hair color named by fans.

Raspberry Ripple: Pastel Pink Color Formula from Manic Panic

Manic Panic’s solution for when your client wants something that will fade back to blonde by the holidays.

NYC's Manic Panic Earns Prestigious ICMAD Award

Tish & Snooky’s Manic Panic is celebrating its 40th year of creating iconic hair color and expansion into cutting-edge color cosmetics.

Manic Panic Celebrates It's "Manniversary"

Manic Panic is celebrating it's "manniversary" with new product launches and an auction to support #cancerland. Details here.

Rave About It: Glowing Neon Color by Manic Panic

A neon Manic Panic that also glows under blacklight. Inspired by every woman breaking the rules in this world.

Pastel Candy Floss Formula

The process took over five hours and the result is a cotton candy dream.

Magenta To Blue: A Four Session Journey

Learn more about the color journey for this colorist and client, from magenta to blue/green.

GET THE LOOK: Cosmic Purple Hair and Glam Makeup

Manic Panic model Lauren Calaway uses Manic Panic hair color to create a cosmic color on her hair and extensions, and finishes off the look with a makeup tutorial using Glamnation cosmetics.