Why Do You Need a Social Media Team?

You can create all of the buzz, hype, and ballyhoo that you want for a party, but if the DJ bails, the food is sub-par, and the guests skip out before the main act hits the floor, all you’ve got left is a few flyers with a time and place slowly deteriorating in the morning dew.

At Evoke Brands, we’re here to make sure that your ‘social’ party is bumpin’ from start to finish.

I think we can all agree that social connectivity is no longer an option; it’s essential. Within the marketing mix, social serves its own purpose, one that both revolutionizes and complements traditional PR and advertising. However, it has a different goal and requires a different approach other than the run of the mill marketing tactics. Businesses need a partner, an agency that has years of demonstrated knowledge in the social space to be able to leverage those differences.

At Evoke Brands, as social media experts, we become an extension of your marketing team. Our expertise as a minute-to-minute extension of your brand is at the intersection of social trends and cutting edge technology. Here are a few reasons why we’re an integral piece of your marketing puzzle:

1. The focus on back-and-forth conversations. It’s not about your brands and products, it’s about your customers. We know how to talk with them.

 2. It’s constant. Maybe not for startups, but as a business acquires more customers a social team needs to be in place to handle the constant communication and inquiries flowing in. You don’t have time for that! We take the time for you.

 3. Integration is crucial. SumAll CEO Dane Atkinson says that, “advertising, PR, and social are like three arms on the body. When it’s working, all three arms are juggling the same beanbags perfectly.” We guarantee that each arm pulls its weight.

 4. Messages form relationships. Social turned traditional PR on its head. You can’t control the messages, so instead it’s important to build relationships with brand advocates. You need to have those conversations that they want to have. We know how to stand on our heads. We listen to the customers’ ideas and then show you how to adapt to their ideas and them how your brand furthers their ideas.

At Evoke Brands, we work the crowd. We know how to converse with the people that traditional PR and advertising attract - making sure every detail blends together for the ultimate brand experience.

So come on, let’s get this #socialparty started.

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