FORMULA HOW TO: An Even Orange Balanced with Red

 Eliot Standen (@Kittenloaf on Instagram) only uses Aveda Haircolor.  His recent work called out for a how-to:

Natural starting level: Roots (about 1/2") level 6, Mid-shafts and ends were color-cleansed to orange, Equalizing solution was applied and blow-dried in.

  •  Formula A (Lightest Copper Blonde): 40g Intense Base + 3g Pure Pigment O + 40g 20 volume
  • Formula B (Light Intense Orange): 5g 8N + 35g Intense Base + 10g O/R + 2g Pure Pigment O +40g 20 volume
  • Formula C (Roots): 40g Light Pure Base Deposit Only + 14G O/R + 4g Pure Pigment O + 40g 30 volume
  • Formula C (Ends): 40g Light Pure Base Deposit Only + 16g O/R + 3g Pure Pigment O + 1g R + 40g 20 volume


Step 1: Section hair in highlight sections. Starting with the fringe, section a vertical rectangle. The rectangle should be the width of the Iris of the eye. Using back-to-back slices foil that section using Formula A.

 Step 2: Treat this step like a highlight/lowlight. Formula A is your highlight shade and B would be the lowlight. Take slices throughout the set highlight partings. Using a two lowlight, to one highlight ratio.

 Step 3: Apply Formula C (Roots and Ends) to all remaining hair. Process for 30 minutes, rinse in the coldest water possible. Shampoo with Aveda Color Conserve Shampoo and Conditioner.

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