Seasons may change, but some clients keep blonde color all year long.

Stylists at Di Rosa Haircare New York know the value of analyzing a blonde client every single appointment to make sure they maintain the hair's integrity while giving the guest "first time service."

How to Keep Blondes Blonde 24/7 + Formula!Below, take a look at three tips for your blondies as well as a creamy Goldwell formula from Sal Caruso of Di Rosa Haircare.


-Consult with the guest, even if she or he has been in before.

-Discern how strong or weak the hair is before you choose a lightener.

-Review what products to use at home in order to replenish protein and moisture and allow the guest to continue to lighten his or her hair.


STEP 1: For this 24/7 blonde, Caruso used Goldwell Silk Lift and 20 volume to ensure the benefits of ShieldTechnology, which maintains the stability of conditioning ingredients during the oxidation process for optimal gentleness while lifting. Take vertical, macro-weave sections and work around the perimeter of the head shape.

STEP 2: Section out a diamond shape on top of the crown of hte head and lightly feather the front section. Work in a micro-weave technique. This creates brightness near the face framing without being unnatural.

STEP 3: After rinsing Silk Lift and 20 volume, apply Goldwell Elumen Clear to create shine and lock in moisture.

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