Elise Melnick
(@hairbyELM), a Chicago native who migrated west to Los Angeles to pursue a professional dancing career, felt the need for something more fulfilling "and that's when I made the switch. In 2011 I enrolled in Paul Mitchell The School Sherman Oaks, California, and never looked back!" Now a full time stylist at Efoxx Hair in Sherman Oaks, Melnick says, "This is my absolute favorite job ever. I work with an AMAZINGLY talented and truly creative group at the boutique salon, and we constantly feed off each other's artistic inspiration! I'm in love with my salon, my coworkers and my clients... Truly couldn't be happier!!"

MODERN found this selfie on instagram and tracked down Melnick for the HOW TO. Make sure to note step 7...Melnick offers her insider tip:

Step 1: Using your favorite bleach, fully lift the roots (the rest of the hair had been previously colored).

Step 2: Tone roots using Goldwell Colorance, 3 parts 10V 1 part 10G for balance.

Step 3: After 15 minutes of processing on the roots, pull through to refresh the ends for 5-10 more minutes. 

Step 4: After shampooing the toner out, blend the grey/silver root formula:  Joico Semi-permanent in Titanium, a tiny drop of Pravana Vivids Violet, and equal parts conditioner to dilute (use more or less conditioner to customize intensity).

Step 5: Apply in an oval section using the part as center. Apply the formula one inch out on the roots.

Step 6: Process for 15 minutes, comb through for the last 5-10 minutes to blend, followed by a shampoo and conditioner. 

Step 7: TIP/TRICK: "Now here's the trick for the overall silver," says Melnick. "After towel drying the hair, apply a nickel-size dollop of Kevin Murphy's Blonde Angel Rinse (THE best purple conditioner), mix it with a few pumps of my daily leave-in oil, and evenly disperse in the hair. DO NOT rinse! Use as a leave-in toner. It works perfectly to control warmth and give that silver/grey cast!  Can be as subtle or dramatic as you want depending on how much you use!! Pretty cool huh?!"


"Section off the shaved section and cleanly remove all hair with a clipper 2-guard.  Let all the other hair down and cut wet as you normally would, as if the shaved side is still there, so everything blends and connects.  The owner of Efoxx Hair, Eric, does a slight undercut below the occipital, graduates nice and tight in the nape, and above the occipital uses over direction and triangle layers all cut with a razor for texture and blend.  The front is over-directed to keep length, and some dry-cutting techniques (Eric's specialty) and texturizing happen for the finishing touch. Can be worn down to cover the shaved side, or up with help of strong-hold products to expose the shaved side and reveal an edgy style!"

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